Why should you buy one of our CV Templates?

Whenever a job is advertised, the employer will often get hundreds (if not thousands) of CVs flooding into their offices and swamping their email and desks. The personnel looking at and examining these CVs are often very busy already and only wish they had the time to look in detail into every CV and Cover Letter that comes their way, but this is often not the case.

So how do they cut these huge piles of CVs and cover letters down? They start with the cover letter, which is why every CV template we sell comes with a matching Cover Letter.

Now imagine a hundred cover letters laid out on a desk. Imagine that the majority of them look just like your current one, dull, black and white letter style in Times New Roman or Arial. Imagine the shock/surprise value when one of those cover letters has colour on it! And even better, an eye catching design that makes the person want to reach for yours over all others! So should you look at a cool, smart, professional cv design template? Yes. Any CV temlpate design from our basic cv templates up to our premium cv templates will help to get what you need.

You have given yourself an edge. You have pushed yourself ahead of the pack with one simple idea:

Get your CV and Cover Letter noticed.

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